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Rent A Dodge Challenger In San Francisco

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Surprisingly, there are many places in San Francisco where you can rent a Dodge Challenger.

I say “surprisingly” because when I think of San Francisco, I think of Priuses and VW vans.  But I am wrong.  I travel a lot to San Francisco, and I always rent a Challenger when I’m there.  There are tons of places you can rent RTs.

And best of all, because it’s a rental, you can definitely catch some air when hurdling over those hilly roads.  Things you wouldn’t do in your own Challenger, you know?

Note that prices are a bit cheaper at the airport vs. rental agencies, but all Challengers are RTs, so you’ll get a Hemi engine, no matter what you do.  Need help understanding RT vs. SRT8 vs. SXT?  Click here.

Do me and others a favor, and let me know if I’m missing any locations.  Or, leave a comment below if you had a fun or not fun experience renting a Challenger in San Francisco.

The prices listed below frequently change, and I have them there just to give you a ballpark daily price for renting a Challenger.  They also don’t include inevitable taxes and fees that come with any rental.

Where To Rent A ChallengerAgencyChallenger ModelPriceRent It
San Francisco International Airport
780 McDonnell Road
San Francisco, CA
challenger rental agencyRT

$149.49Rent It
550 OFarrell Street
San Francisco, CA
challenger rental agencyRT$169.49Rent It
325 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA
challenger rental agencyRT$169.49Rent It
Marriott Marquis Hotel
55 4th Street
San Francisco, CA
challenger rental agencyRT$169.49Rent It

Here’s where these rental agencies are located:





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